Dance 4 Fun @ The Heights SHCYC is all about fun! We strongly believe in our student’s having a smile on their face and always feeling comfortable and confident. We do not attend any competitions or eisteddfods and in the classroom there is no favouritism or ‘front line.’ We have classes for all ages and gender at very low prices, very affordable costumes and a very cheap end of year concert!



‘I love dancing here, I can dance with my friends and I really like my teacher’ – Lachlan, 10 years with SHCYC

‘Dancing is a passion, something to enjoy and this dancing school has brought so much happiness to me every week’ – Zoey, 8 years with SHCYC

‘Each week I look forward to my dance classes. I love dancing with a group of amazing dancers and most importantly, a skilled, inspirational teacher who pushes me to be the best dancer I can be’ – Bonnie, 5 years with SHCYC

‘Dancing is unique because it is not only a sport, but it is also an art. You get to be creative, learn new skills, work out and perform at the same time. It’s fantastic for physical and mental exercise, with no teacher better than Gabbie to help you along the way!’ – Emma, 4 years with SHCYC

‘I was very impressed with the performers especially my little girl in such a short time. That reflects back ofcourse to the expertise of the teacher. Dancing brings a world of confidence and smile in my child and she really loves to attend each week, thank you Gabbie!’
– Christine (mother), 3 year with SHCYC